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As far as the customer is concerned, the interface is the product.
— Jef Raskin, Apple

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1. briefing and kickoff

First of all, we have to know exactly what you want, and a proper brief is the right tool to tell us that. When we know, where the project stands, we can come up with a timing and a to-do list as well as a quote. After we agree in the terms, we get to work - and may get back to you with further questions.

2. wireframing, testing and finalizing

The first thing we deliver is usually a wireframe - a system of screens and elements, implying how the product should function, with an idea about how it should feel. Wireframes are great tools for testing, and a clever time saving design tool for consulting.


3. graphic elements for the ui

After the wireframes are finalized, we start to dress up your screens according to your brand, and design all the tiny details to make your product exceptionally aesthetic and usable.

4. exporting and consulting

When everything is set, we turn over all the finished elements in all the appropriate formats, and we support your team of developers with continuous consulting, as well as extra content – if needed –, until your product goes live.





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